Fundraising Ideas

Would you like to organize a fundraiser or food drive for the Pantry with your own business or organization? The Pantry welcomes your support! Use one of our fundraising ideas or create your own. Call or email and let us know your plans and when to expect your donations.

Food Drive

To organize a food drive, chose a time period and a collection location. The most important part is advertising your food drive to the group of people you are hoping will participate. The more creative the better! This could be a school, church, club, business or other organization.

Some ideas for advertising are:

  • Posters
  • Website of your organization (we would be glad to post it on ours too!)
  • Decorate paper shopping bags or attach Pantry Needs List and distribute before collection time, and ask participants to bring them back with food donations.
  • Ask for a food donation as entry fee to an event (dance, party, picnic, etc.)
  • Offer tickets to a raffle for donations.

Ongoing collections could be as simple as having a basket labeled as “Donations for Glen Ellyn Food Pantry” in a convenient location in your church or business where member or customers could leave donations.


  • Have a donation jar marked “Glen Ellyn Food Pantry” next to your cash register to collect customers spare change. (We have “Change Hunger” collection cans we would be glad to share with you!)
  • Have a “Noisy Offering” at your church. Members collect their change throughout the week and drop it in a metal coffee can on Sunday.
  • Host a chili supper or backyard barbeque and ask attendees for a donation for the Pantry.
  • Host a home shopping party and ask the company representative if they will donate a portion of the sales to the Pantry.
  • Have a “Food Pantry Day” at your business where you donate a portion of the days sales to the Pantry.  Customers will come to shop because they like to support the Pantry while enjoying the shopping!
  • Have a “Food Pantry Coupon Day”, where you make a donation to the Pantry when a customer makes a purchase and uses your Pantry coupon
  • Have a “Peanut Butter and Jelly Day“. Ask your Church or Club members to eat an inexpensive meal at home one day a month instead of eating out, and donate the money they would have spent on dining out to the Pantry.